Remittances transfers are more than just monetary gifts; they serve as lifelines for millions of families worldwide. This staggering figure highlights not only the importance but also the resilience of remittances. Many services in every country provide money transfer services to their people. One of these companies is Jula Finance which provides multiple ways to send and receive remittances to Gambia, Senegal, Rwanda and the greater Africa continent along with other parts of the world. This guide will explore the most efficient, secure, and best ways to send money using Jula Finance. Whether for family support, business transactions, or any other purpose, sending money has never been this seamless and reliable.

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1- Credit Card:

There are multiple ways to send money, but perhaps the cheapest is through your bank account. If you have cash in your account, link up with the service you want to use to send the money, like Jula Finance and complete your transfer. But what if you don’t have cash in your bank account and suddenly find yourself in need of making a payment or helping out a family member or a friend? Your answer is credit cards. Credit cards are a service provided by most banks worldwide where you can use money you do not have. There is a set limit to the amount of money a bank basically lends you with a credit card. A Cash Advance is an extra loan the bank lends you in case of emergency or important need, which can be used to send remittances abroad. Be sure to check the additional interests and fees the banks apply on such loans however.

2- Debit Card:

This is very much self-explanatory; a debit card is a service that is provided by all banks across the world where you are issued a chipped card that can be used to take out only the money that is available in your bank account through ATMs and which can also be used to make payment digitally such as remittance. As mentioned, the main difference between debit and credit is that credit is a loan, while debit is the money you already own. Jula Finance provides both options to send money to Gambia, Senegal, Rwanda and other parts of the world.

3- Bank Transfers:

While Credit and Debit cards are also part of the banking system, they are convenient ways to send money digitally from anywhere and almost anytime. Bank transfer is the more traditional way of sending remittances to every part of the world. There are some different methods of sending money through a bank.

  1. If you have the bank account details of the person you are sending to, make a transfer. Standard fees apply that vary from country to country.
  2. Using a service like Jula Finance, you can easily send money to your family and friends at a comparatively cheaper rate than traditional bank account deposits.

In this digital age, Jula Finance provides a convenient and safe way to send money to different parts of Africa from the world. With their mobile application, any money transfer is only a few clicks away.