Looking to send money to Senegal safely? This is exactly what Jula Finance offers. By using our money transfer services to Senegal, our customers send money safely from the UK to Senegal every month. Undoubtedly, remittances play a pivotal role in the Global financial ecosystem today. For instance, even in the UK foreign workers send millions to Senegal to support their loved ones or for many other causes. This huge back-and-forth of money requires very strong and impenetrable structure to make certain that the transactions are protected. Jula Finance implements water-tight data security and top-notch technology to ensure a safe money transfer to Senegal and other 150 countries around the world. Discover how to send money to Senegal with the most safe manner.


What Is Jula Finance?

Jula Finance is a money transfer service to Senegal, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Africa & Europe. Our money transfer service is based in the UK and we are serving for over a decade now. We are committed to provide exceptional money transfer service to our customers. We understand the importance of supporting your loved ones, financial stability, and rural transformation.


Free Mobile App to Send Money to Senegal

Jula Finance offers a FREE mobile app, available at both Apple Store and Google play store. Our users can easily send money to Senegal through Bank Transfers, Credit and Debit Card payments. Similarly, Jula Finance offers more than one method for the beneficiary to receive payments. These include Bank Deposits, Credit/Debit Cards, Mobile Money, and even Air-Time Top Up.


Procedure to Send Money to Senegal

Send money to Senegal in the most reliable way by following three simple steps:
1-  Sign Up for a free account. Add a new beneficiary with their required details.
2- Choose how you want to make the transaction.
3- Confirm the transaction and that is it.


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Secure Transfer of Your Money to Senegal

By using award-winning security systems, Jula Finance makes certain that every transaction is protected and secured for both sender and receiver. In case of any mishap, strong protocols get in place to remedy the hassle.

With years of experience Jula Finance has strong relationships with the essential banks and payout locations in Senegal, which offers great convenience to our customers. We have plenty of pick-up locations throughout Senegal, where beneficiaries can collect the money conveniently. Moreover, Jula Finance has pleasant customer support that is always on hand to assist with any problems that the customer may run into.


Take Away

While sending money overseas consider the following matters:
1- Security is a factor that shouldn’t be taken lightly. While sending money to Senegal make certain to use a reliable money transfer service.
2- Always provide the correct information about the recipient of your remittance.
3- Always take a look at the exchange rates and other service fees associated with it. Do comparisons between the different services you trust in order to get the best for your money.


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