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As we have moved into a more connected age, with technology advancement many aspects of our lives have become much more convenient and safer as compared to the past. Similarly, we have seen a huge transformation in the remittance industry. With technology advancement, today sending money to Ghana or any other part of Africa has become a breeze, thanks in particular to online money transfer services like Jula Finance. There is a significant diaspora of Ghanaians living in the US, UK and Europe and many of them support their families back home through their earnings. With just a few swipes and clicks, now our customers are able to instantly and securely transfer money to their loved ones back home, or invest in local businesses in Ghana.


Process to Send Money to Ghana

In this new age of easy money transfer, long gone are the days of physically traveling to banks and standing in long lines to make your transaction happen. Moreover, paying quite a high price comparatively for international transactions. There are many services that are now actively working across the world and in particular from the US, UK and Europe that are providing, easy, quick and secure money transfers to all locations in Africa including Ghana.
Jula finance is one of the leading companies that people from US, UK and Europe use to send money to Ghana. By implementing advance methods and procedures, they make it easy for their customers to instantly send money to their families, or make investments into business that ultimately results in a boost to the local economy.


Free & Secure Mobile App

Here is the best app to send money to Ghana. Jula Finance’ mobile app is the easiest and cost-effective option to send money to Ghana. It’s also the best money transfer app if you need to send from UK, USA or Europe.


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Benefits of Sending Money with us

One of the primary benefits of sending money to Ghana with us is the speed at which the money travels across from one country to the other. Whether you are sending money to Ghana from UK, sending money to Ghana from USA or interested to transfer money to Ghana from Europe; Jula Finance’ platform is ready to meet and exceed your money transfer needs. A usual bank transaction takes 1 to 7 days to deliver funds to its targeted destination, sending money with us saves you time and money and offer you the peace of mind you deserve.


Guaranteed Secure Transactions

Our money transfer service to Ghana allows you to send money to your loved ones in the most secure way. With Jula Finance’ mobile app the security of transactions also makes our money transfer app to Ghana an attractive option for many people looking to send money abroad. Your personal data security and the robust KYC practices are implemented in these service’s infrastructures and all transactions are track-able completely.


Easily Send & Receive Money

The method of sending money to Ghana with our mobile app is quite easy as the transaction can be made in many different ways including, credit, debit and bank transfer and most transfers can be received in many ways for instance: Cash Pickup, Mobile Money, Bank Deposit, Air Time Top-up or to pay Utility Bills.