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Did you know that Nigeria is one of the top remittance locations in Africa? Whether it is for supporting family, or businesses, online transactions from US, UK, and Europe to Nigeria have tremendous importance for millions of people living abroad. However, navigating this procedure can be complicated and highly-priced if you don’t know what to look for while sending your hard-earned money back home. In this blog, we share the advantages of sending money to Nigeria with money transfer services provider like Jula finance; providing you the treasured insights on how to send money to Nigeria safely and efficiently.


Send Money to Nigeria with us the Advantages

There are many advantages of sending money to Nigeria with our reliable money transfer service, committed to safely transfer your funds to Nigeria. One substantial gain is the speed at which funds can be transferred from countries and areas like the US, UK and Europe across the world to Nigeria. Research has shown that while a transaction done through the banking system can take up to 2 to 7 days from end to end process, the same monetary transfer can be done within minutes when using a money transfer service like Jula Finance. Simply make a Free Sign-up with us and send money to Nigeria in the most safest way.


Best Exchange Rates

Another great benefit of sending money to Nigeria with our money transfer service is your beneficiary gets exactly the amount you have sent. We offer the best exchange rates in the market. This makes our services ideal for those workers who already have limited funds as it allows them to save more and send more to their loved ones back home.


Send Money Anytime

Another advantage of sending money to Nigeria with us is that our services are available quite literally anywhere and anytime. Ensure that you have a device that is connected to the internet like a smart phone or laptop. You may simply go to our website and signup and once our representative approve your profile you are all set to send money to your loved ones in Nigeria. The convenience of the online transactions saves the hassle of traveling physically to a location. Transactions can be completed easily from where ever you are, plus the fact that the money has sent almost instantly as a life saver especially when there is an emergency.


To-Notch Data Security

For sending money to Nigeria money transfer organizations like Jula Finance implement robust security measures to ensure the safety of their clients and their money. A thorough know your customer (KYC) structure is in place even before the first transactions are made and there are several defensive measures in place to detect suspicions activities. Furthermore, at Jula Finance we are committed to keep your personal data secure. It is our top priority. This is one of the reasons why thousands of people use our service on day-to-day basis to send money to Nigeria and leave us good reviews! See below image for your reference:

Jula Finance Positive Feedback on Google Business


Best Option to Send Money to Nigeria

In conclusion, please note once you are ready to send money to Nigeria with any money transfer service provider of your choice just make sure to compare the exchange rates with other service providers, and carefully pick the ones that offers the lowest fee, best exchange rates and no-hidden charges.

Choosing Jula Finance to send money to Nigeria offers huge advantages in terms of speed, price-effectiveness, exchange rates and strong security features. Those benefits make it obvious why people are sending money to Nigeria with us!