Looking to send money to Gambia? Jula Finance helps you to send money to the Gambia. This brief guide will help you understand how to send money to the Gambia securely and safely. Gambia is the smallest country in the entire African mainland, in West Africa. Many Gambians travel abroad to seek their fortunes and frequently need to send money to Gambia to their family and friends. Jula Finance is a money transfer service to Gambia that provides one of the most convenient and cost-effective options for Gambians to send money back to their homeland. It is no secret that sending money from one part of the world to another comes with a number of hassles where the process is often riddled with problems like, costly transaction fees, unsecure channels and unfriendly user experiences.

Jula Finance’s core value has always been to keep the customer first and to provide them with a seamless and cost-effective method to send money abroad. As an established money transfer services provider, Jula Finance uses state-of-the-art security and technologies to accomplish its process. It provides the ability to its user base to send money from across the world with a few clicks through its Free mobile application, available on Apple Store and Google Playstore.


How to Send Money to the Gambia?

Jula Finance employs three simple steps to send money to over 150+ countries including the Gambia. However, there is one extra step that needs to be taken before your go along your way sending money Ghambia and that is to perform a free sign-up for their service.

1 – Create Beneficiary

So now that you have signed up for this service, the first step is to create a beneficiary, meaning the person who will receive the money you are sending too. With the mobile app to download, this process is much more streamlined. Enter the person’s details carefully.

2 – Method of Receiving Money

One of the best things that Jula Finance allows its customers is the option to send money through multiple channels which are all safe and secure. These methods include, Bank Transfer, Credit Card and Debit Card. Similarly they also provide multiple methods for the beneficiary to receive the money like Cash pick up, Bank Deposit, Mobile Money and Air-Time Pop Up.

Choose the best option for you and the person you are making the transfer too and you are pretty much done.

3 – Confirm

Obviously, it would not be a good service if it didn’t provide the utmost security including for the sender. Once you hit transfer all you need to do confirm the transaction where you can check if you have made a mistake, and the money is on the way.

MTS platforms have made sending money to virtually any corner of the world much more convenient and with the advancement in technologies, this is only going to get better and safer. Jula Finance as mentioned uses the latest protocols to provide one of the safest and most affordable money transfer services not only to Gambia but near 150+ other countries around the world as compared to our peers.

Are you ready now to send money to Gambia with Jula Finance? Simply download their free app and Sign up Today!